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Gulf of Mexico Shipyard Projects

International Ship Repair has built a solid a reputation as a premier Gulf of Mexico Shipyard. Below you will find recently completed projects in ISR’s Port of Tampa Gulf Coast yard. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions about the work you see here.

Adams Challenge

The Adams Challenge is a 280’ diesel electric powered, ABS classed, DP 2 dive support vessel. She was docked in ISR’s Gulf of Mexico shipyard this spring on 2.2 M blocks to facilitate the removal of Twin azimuth propeller units and a retractable bow azimuth unit. While on dock for 19 days the two main propulsion azimuth propeller units & retractable bow unit were removed from the vessel & delivered to our machine shop. At the shop the three units were completely disassembled, inspected, calibrated, seals and bearings were renewed and the units were reassembled. The vessel also received a complete paint job. Click on the photos for larger images.


The ship docking module(SDM) “Endeavour” was docked this spring on 9’ blocks. The two Wartsila powered , Ulstein Z drives were dropped and transported to our machine shop. There the two units were completely disassembled, repairs were carried out, machine work was accomplished the bearings and seals were renewed.